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The author, Jane SandersonHello, and welcome to my website.

Here you can find out more about me and my books – NetherwoodRavenscliffe and Eden Falls

As well as background to the books and extracts from each, there are some good old-fashioned Yorkshire recipes, and a variety of blogs covering all manner of subjects from friendship to food.

I hope you enjoy browsing, and thanks for dropping in.

Jane Sanderson

Latest News and Updates

Auntie Jose and Eden Falls

6th August 2013

My Auntie Jose died on July 4th, finally succumbing to the lung cancer that had been diagnosed eighteen months previously. She was my Dad’s older sister, although only by a year, so when they were youngsters they were usually together, playing in the street or on the nearby fields with …

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The WI, Jerusalem and Going Home

12th June 2013

Last weekend I was the guest speaker (get me!) at the WI’s district summer rally in my old home town of Hoyland Common. From the moment I passed through the swing doors of the Rockingham Centre, I found myself being greeted by scores of friendly Yorkshire women, of the kind …

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Naming names

12th March 2013

One of my favourite things about writing a novel is that I get to choose all the names of the characters in it. I love this process. There are so many considerations, and yet once they’re named, it quickly becomes the only thing they could possibly be called,  just as …

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