Steak and Kidney Pudding

Hearty fare; just the job when you’re home from an eight-hour shift at the local colliery. And if you’re not a miner, well – try it anyway. 


(For the suet crust pastry)
Half a pound of plain flour
A good pinch of salt
4oz suet
Cold water to bind

(For the pie filling)
One and a half pounds of chuck steak
Half a pound of ox kidney
One onion, sliced
Seasoned flour
Worcestershire sauce
Good beef stock


  1. For the suet crust, sift the flour into a mixing bowl then sprinkle the suet in, mixing lightly with your hands to distribute evenly. Gradually sprinkle in cold water and mix with a round-bladed knife until you have a smooth, elastic dough that leaves the sides of the bowl clean.
  2. Rest the dough for five minutes, then roll out for use.
  3. Line a greased two-pint pudding basin with the dough.
  4. Chop the steak and kidney into small pieces, toss in the seasoned flour, scatter the onion slices into the meat mixture and add to the pastry-lined basin. Pour in the stock to about three-quarters of the way up the meat filling. Add a dash of Worcestershire Sauce.
  5. Roll out a pastry lid, dampen its edges, and press and seal well on top of the pudding.
  6. Cover with a muslin lid, or greaseproof paper, pleated in the centre to allow the pudding to rise. Tie securely into place with string around the neck of the basin.
  7. Steam over boiling water for five hours, adding more water to the pan beneath the steamer as necessary. Turn out onto a platter and serve with seasonal vegetables.

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