Stewmeat Gravy

This beefy broth was a staple of my childhood. Grandma used to send it up to our house in big jars, and it was considered the best possible breakfast on a winter’s morning, served piping hot with two slices of bread and butter. This is what Eliza is looking forward to, when she wakes up in the night at the beginning of Netherwood. My grandma always made this on a Thursday evenings, so that she had the meat for a pie come Friday – because on Friday, for some reason, she always made a pie! The recipe for that follows this one.

One pound of best stew meat
Two pints of water
One Oxo cube
Salt and pepper

Cut the beef into small dice.

Bring the water to a rolling boil and crumble into it the Oxo cube.

Add the beef to the water and reduce the heat, then simmer gently until the meat is tender – about two hours.

Remove the meat from the cooking water – though it’s nice to leave a few bits in there – and set aside.

Season the broth to taste. Serve.

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